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If you are a yoga teacher or small business entrepreneur who wants to start contributing (or contributing more) to your household income, but you are finding it hard to earn a steady income because:

  • you believe there's not enough business to go around, therefore missing out on all the creative opportunities around you;

  • you struggle with nurturing loyal clients who will follow you wherever you teach, or do business, in person or online;

  • you can't figure out that magic number you should be charging that will land you private gigs and a new audience,

I would love to chat with you! Contact me to schedule a strategy session or get started on my 12-Week Signature Business Development Program.

Online Yoga
On a Video Call

Here's what you'd get:

  • 12 weeks of 1:1 coaching that will include a weekly 60-minute call

  • Continuous support in between our calls through a private 1:1 Facebook group, where you can post questions and I'll give you activities to grow your business

  • By the end of the program, you'll have loyal students who follow you, a sustainable business and diversified income, a marketing strategy for continued growth, and the ability to withstand changes in the yoga market, all without losing your connection to your personal practice and values

Ready to develop your brand?



If you are a business coach, life coach, yoga teacher, Reiki master, or really any other business owner who makes a living helping others, and you want to transform this knowledge into a retreat program, I can help you with my proven process.

If you are:
  • paralyzed by fear that you'll lose money
  • doubting yourself and your program
  • worried that no one will come after you've worked so hard
  • overwhelmed by what to do first
  • unsure how to find your audience
  • confused by the tech involved with marketing your retreat
I can help!
Here's what happens in my Retreat Planning program:
  • I help you get clear on your content and format for teaching it on retreat
  • We set up your social media and email list to gather your targeted customer in one place
  • I will teach you how to pick a location people want to visit
  • You will get access to my proprietary spreadsheet to help you price out your trip
  • I will help you set up your landing page and teach you how to accept payments online
  • You will learn how to get people asking YOU how they can book your next retreat without even announcing it
  • And so much more!
This program is 16 weeks long, with one hour each week of face to face (on Zoom!) conversations where you will actually get to work. We don't just talk about working. You will be expected to do the work. By the end of the 16 weeks, you will be ready to sell out your trip and earn a 4- or 5- figure profit.
Because this is an action-oriented program, I only accept clients by application.
Beautiful Landscape

Full Service Marketing

Phase One: Initial Projects


Strategic Marketing Plan: Allow us to prepare a detailed strategy for your marketing goals.  We will meet with you to discuss your objectives, learn how you and your competitors match up in the social media landscape, prepare a detailed report, and finish up with a 2-hour coaching session to begin to implement your strategy.  

Platform Creation: We will set up a new business account on the social media platform of your choice, complete with photos, information, and your initial posts!


Social Media Marketing Calendar: We will research and develop a 6-month content calendar for the social media platform of your choice.            

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