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Yoga Teacher Training

Have you been looking for a way to deepen your understanding of yoga?  Have you heard about the transformational experience of a yoga teacher training (YTT) program, but think it might be gimmicky?  Have you Googled and researched and visited multiple studios and gyms but you’re still not sure what to do?

Angelique Flynn of Whole Image Wellness, Inc. is partnering with Team 85 Fitness and
in Bordentown, NJ to help you find the most meaningful path for YOU on your yoga
journey. This 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified program will help you advance not only in your physical practice of yoga, but also in your understanding and knowledge of yoga as a way of life.

Through active discussion, lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice, we will explore:

● The history of yoga and its ancient texts.

● Yoga philosophy

● The 8-limbed path of yoga and what it means to you as a yoga teacher. 

● Creating a fun and positive environment for students.

● An in-depth anatomy lesson by renowned yoga teacher, John Vitarelli. John has been teaching yoga and martial arts since 2002 and is the Senior Teacher at Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia where he leads up the Ashtanga Mysore Program. He is well known for his dedication to learning and teaching, for his methodical approach to the practice, and for his ability to bring practicality to complicated topics. John will emphasize the principles of Samasthiti and use planes of movement to explain anatomical concepts as related to the practice.  The time will be divided between discussion and movement, so come prepared to practice, demonstrate, and participate! 

● A colorful and fun journey through the 7 major chakras.

● Finding your voice and confidence as a teacher and mentor.

● Learn meditation from Robin O’Hagan, Meditation Expert at Team85. Robin became certified in Meditation in 2014 while studying Past Life Regression therapy under Dr. Brian Weiss.  She is also a Psychic Medium and Reiki Master/teacher.   

● Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

● Grounding and centering techniques

● How to maintain a personal yoga practice during times of overwhelm.

● A workshop on mantras, chanting, and mudras by Diana Vitarelli. Diana started practicing yoga in college in 1989 and steadily progressed from being a serious student, to part time teacher, to full time teacher then studio owner over the 30 years that followed.  She currently hosts the "108 Reasons NOT to Do Yoga" podcast and is pursuing a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology.  Diana's workshop will be an artistic exploration into the refinements of personal practice, offering space to dive deeply into the subconscious world of intention and manifestation. 

● Inversions and Arm Balances - how to teach them and how to practice them.

● Sequencing an intelligent yoga practice or class.

● How to use props and modifications to make yoga accessible to all.

● How to be “trauma-informed” and use culturally-sensitive language in yoga class and
beyond, led by Roxanne Nelson of Mindful Healing. Roxanne will discuss how trauma and stress impact the body and perception of students, as well as cues and poses to be mindful of.  Roxanne is a registered yoga instructor, certified hypnotist, and reiki master that has trained and specialized her practices around trauma.  She teaches trauma informed yoga in facilities catered to people living with trauma or PTSD and runs Mindful Healing Practice in Bensalem, PA. 

● Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga

● Service as a yoga teacher

● The business of yoga

● Cultivating a mind-body-spirit alliance within yourself and your community.

● Awaken your inner fire for deeper exploration of the study of yoga.

And more....

Why THIS training?
Angelique Flynn, your lead instructor, has over 2,000 hours of teaching experience and more
than 300 hours of training as a yoga teacher. She has taught yoga in multiple locations in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania and led or co-led four previous YTT programs. She put together this training to fill holes she found in other programs and to nurture the love of yoga that brings students to a YTT program in the first place. Angelique has invited experts from other studios and practices to share their passion with the Team85 family.


YTT is an intensive training, and as such, requires time and commitment. Participants must
attend all sessions or makeup sessions with the instructor’s approval. Meeting times are as

Fridays 6-9:30 PM
Saturdays 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Sundays 12:30 PM - 5 PM

8/28-8/30 (Saturday 8/29 is MANDATORY)
10/31 - MAKEUP DAY
11/28 & 11/29


A $500 non-refundable deposit holds your spot! 


Members: $2300 Paid in Full; $2500 with a payment plan


Non-Members: $2800 Paid in Full; $3000 with a payment plan


Sign up for this program at the front desk at Team 85 or by emailing Angelique!

Questions? Contact Angelique at angelique@wholeimagewellness.com

YTT Coaches


Angelique Flynn, Lead Trainer

John Vitarelli
Diana Vitarelli
Roxanne Nelson
Robin O'Hagan